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Churches Use STS

Sunday School Uses STS

“STS has impacted the way I read the scriptures, prepare my sermons, and in my delivery of the sermon. My congregation is growing both spiritually and numerically as a result. I sometimes launch into a true STS style, but more often the insights I glean, the more "telling the story" way I communicate biblical truth helps the congregation capture the heart of what the Spirit is revealing to their hearts.

“I am now often told that my sermons are impacting because they are so "down to earth" and easily understood and applied.

“Our Sunday School teachers are trained in STS and find it effective in communicating the stories of the Bible. Of course, student participation is greatly enhanced.

“Thank you STS and the God's Story team.”
“Blessings, Pastor Chris Johnson, Calvary Chapel Beaumont, CA

[If you would like to contact Pastor Chris to find out more on use of STS in a church environment, send an email us and we will endeavor to forward your request. Put in the subject line, "Want to contact Chris Johnson."

Hint: It would help the exchange to move more quickly if you wrote a short note on yourself and your interest in contacting Pastor Chris. ]

“Where You Have Been
That You Did Not Come To Us Before?”

“I have been impacted by the STS. Before I was telling stories but not like the way you have trained us. Our community is an oral one and they pass information to each other in story forms. STS is very ideal for us.

“I want to request that you help us in this kind workshop in other places we have planted churches. We have 332 churches in 7 different villages. I will take you to all of them to have the same workshop. We need this to help us evangelize the Mus.lims.

“I don’t know where you have been that you did not come to us before. We could have gone far than where we are now. I need this in all 332 churches and I am sure we will take the villages.

“I am also requesting you to help us with more players. You just gave us 12 of them. So each will be shared among 27 churches. Please help us the way you can. Evangelists and missionaries receive the players with God’s Story. I only distributed 12 players which will be shared among the 332 churches in 7 villages. This means each player is serving 27 churches.”

"They are already using STS stories in their preaching and ministries.”
Pastor in Ethiopia.
[Soon after the note above came to us through one of our wonderful STS instructors, the Lord supplied 200 players for this amazing national pastor.]

“In my 40 years of Bible study I had missed ...”

"I have been to several of these trainings and taught [STS now to] several to pastors/teachers on the mission field and in churches in the USA for Sunday school teachers. I feel it is one of the most effective ways to find treasures from God’s Word.

"As I learned and practiced and taught STS, I found that in my 40 years of Bible study I had missed many of the wonderful treasures God had put there for me. 

"STS is very effective for ages 7–97 and from illiterate to PHD education levels. Amazingly all that mixture of age and education can be effectively taught in the same class. It's a highly motivational teaching technique for missions around the world and especially for the generation who are more impacted by interactive stories than lectures in our USA churches.

"I recently taught Bible stories using STS to my young grandchildren and I was moved by their ability to find spiritual treasures for their lives."

Pastor Dallas, TX USA,