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General Financial Donation (To be used where needed most)

Workshops in new regions (flights, trains, bus and van rental for nationals to travel in country/in continent to train trainers)

Oral Bible Schools (any of the three needs below)

Food (in some impoverished regions STS pays part of the food costs, $30 of the $50 monthly costs per student.)

Instructor transport (Average cost is $50 for each of 6 times during the 26 weeks school is in session for transporting an instructor to encourage and support students.)

Recording of stories and solar players with stories (When stories are available, students and villages, where they minister, receive players with recorded stories.)

Specify for:

Donation Amount: $

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~Please contact us before processing a Credit Card donation greater than $2,500.00 or a Debit/Check donation greater than $500.00.~


NOTE: IF you choose this automatic donation method, it is your responsibility to inform us if you want to cancel or stop at least two weeks
before the next specified day to be charged.

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FOUR DONATION OPTIONS, please choose one:

1. Online secure site.
2. Phone in your donation. 951-658-1619 or
Phone: (877) 992-4253 (Toll-Free)
3. If by check, must be in US dollars. Please print this form and send with your donation to:
The God's Story Project
PO Box 187
Hemet, CA 92546 USA
4. Fax this completed form with your credit card number to:
(951) 658-9189

Thank You For Your Donation!