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Wycliffe Translator investigates STS

"For 27 years I studied the words of the Bible; now, I am listening to the words,”

"As a translator I always felt a bit hesitant regarding the freedom we have in storying and still be accurate."

Besides Bible translation this is one of the most powerful ways to give the Word to people in a way it will stick for ever even if the typhoon or hurricanes batter our lives and homes and destroy our Bibles.

In fact every Christian should learn this method and apply it in their own lives. Even if they never become a missionary they will experience a tremendous spiritual growth and development and they will be inspired and encouraged to share their faith in a natural way by using the Word "hidden in their heart’s pocket" as our trainer Dorothy would say.

It is so easy . Why did it take us so long to discover it. In fact I have decided to reduce some of my channel 11 “Bad News” watching and I am going to internalize/memorize more Good News with this method. Just imagine the change that would take place in the churches if everyone would do this…
- Marianne, Philippines