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and Latest Developments

Links from this “What’s New” corner go to new articles added to the site. We list these for the convenience of you “frequent surfers” so you can quickly find the new postings. If you have been one or more STS Workshops, and like using STS, note that we are offering Advanced STS Workshops in a variety of locations. Do search on "advanced,” up in the top right hand corner of page or scroll down Workshops / Schedules to find Advanced STS Workshops or email our headquarters, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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Possessed Man in Synagogue 01/31/2018

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Latest Developments

    1. STS Oral Bible Schools in Africa, First Graduation Gifts of donors (God’s bounty!) supplied 12 graduates AND all 120 students with solar-powered audio-players. These MegaVoices have Swahili PAT (Practitioners Audio Training), God’s Story, New Testament and 66 Bible stories. Also students received a “Heart Pocket Book.” Each page has original drawing depicting one of 296 Bible stories they learn--a book for those who cannot read! chronological list of 296 stories.

    2. PAT now available on solar players and CDs in Nepali, English, Kannada, Swahili and French.

    3. Swahili Story Examples Now available for download from site.

    4. New Evening OBS The evening classes are a unique adaptation of OBS for people in the work place. The students meet from 5 PM to 8 PM, 5 days a week. The strategy of the overseers leading these classes is for the students to learn and discuss in depth, one story at each meeting. So far, the students in the classes now in session are learning five new stories each week!