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Power of God's "Stories" Demonstrated in Sudan Workshop One of the spiritual "treasures" our Simply the Story trainers gently guided students to see is in the story of Martha and Mary and the dinner. The students discoverer Martha's disrespect of Jesus in the way that she speaks to Him. When Mary was not helping with the serving Martha says to Jesus, "Don't you care that my sister has left me to do all of the serving?"

Our leader in East Africa just wrote... 
"Yesterday, when I did the Martha and Mary story, one man said, 'I've been a Christian for a long time. In fact for 30 years I've been a pastor, but when the war was happening in Sudan, I always said to God, 'Don't you care that your people are being killed by the Arabs...?'"

Then others shared similar examples. Finally they all said, "Let's stop now and ask God for forgiveness."

Yei Town, Sudan "At the end of the training, a pastor who has been in ministry for about 20 years spoke on behalf of the rest saying, 'We now have a way of teaching the word to our people. This training has opened many wounds in our lives.

There are many issues that we need to correct in our lives as ministers as revealed to us through the stories learnt in this training.

We don't have bible study programmes in our churches for lack of materials for teaching, but now we have more than materials - we have an endless skill. He then said, 'kindly thank your leaders for sending you to us, tell them Sudan is never going to be the same.'"

"More articles coming for this page."