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Newsletters From Around The World

One of the joys of STS workshops is to see so many people go out afterwards and tell stories to others. A few who attend feel called by God to help us train more people, and those attendees take the time to attain STS instructor status … but they also continue in their own unique ministries.

These links below go to just a few of the encouraging newsletters that those STS instructors send to their own supporters and prayer partners. We hope you are blessed by seeing the diverse ways that these instructors, who come from many walks of life, are seeing much fruit in the lives of those to whom they teach STS.

John-Ethiopia Oral Bible School Graduations & Impact

Jenny-Kenya Outpost to Unreached, Lives Changed

Andowan-Middle East, South America.Asia & Africa

Jackson-People Excited About The Word of God

Bockarie-Most Effective Tool in Church Planting of All Time