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“Clubs” Has No Stories!

You probably clicked this link because you are a “clubber.” Many people are using STS in their clubs, but so far we are only hearing over the phone the reports of the innovative ways you are using STS. All those get-togethers, sitting around talking after you have driven, run, ridden, competed, hiked, cooked, climbed, danced, dug, planted or set up camp, are perfect for telling Bible stories STS style. But we need you to send those stories in written form about how you are using STS---and be sure to tell us what happened when you told the stories!

So send us your stories if you are using STS or give us a call at the office or write us a note if you want to brainstorm with us. Maybe together we can think of some creative ideas on how naturally and comfortably you can use STS to share your love of God and His Word with your compatriots.

Phone 951-658-1619 or email us.