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"Show" and Tell Bible Stories

It's a fact that we remember far more of what we see than what we hear. One of the prime ways to help people understand and remember a story is to show it!

We are serious about portraying Bible stories accurately and about people hearing the stories with nothing added and nothing taken away---BUT as you see in this spontaneously done video---we enjoy the freedom to show expression that is justified in the story!

Details on how we like to do dramas are on on this site. For now, you might want to see a story dramatized live on location. On a workshop trip to Israel, a highlight of our experiences was enacting Bible stories as we toured. The one you can see here, the Bent Woman, was filmed in the remains of the synagogue in Capernaum.


Now we want you to enjoy some of the Bible dramas done in workshops around the world.

Below you will see photos taken of the small study groups that selected and dramatized a Bible story they had learned during the week. See how many stories you can identify.

At the bottom of the set of photos, you will see a place to click for a list of the stories by name, in case you had trouble identifying some of them. Finally, if you want to see how many you matched up, do click the link for “answers.”