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Homeschoolers: We Need Your Help

As you can see from the several comments below, plus many other testimonials on this site, young children and youth do respond well to hearing the Bible taught using the STS style. As well, youngsters can tell the stories to others and they are able to understand and discover much spiritual wealth inside a story.

We have used STS with children and seen positive responses in those as young as 5 years old. We have successfully taught interactive Bible stories using STS style to as many as 500 children and youth at once.

Some of the instructors we have in STS are as young as 15 years! Our sharpest young instructors are (no surprise) home schooled!  

We would love to work with someone who has an interest in helping us set up the STS information into teaching material suitable for home schoolers.  

Do contact us if this is your area of interest and expertise.  email us

Vision for Using STS with children and Youth

"It is a good approach for teaching children to be rooted in the Word and memorize scriptures easily."
STS attendee

Active Children

Lady who has a very active child at home said, "I didn't know how effective I could groom up my child in the fear the Lord. But now STS has given me a tool to introduce my child into God's Word through story telling.”

See more on how STS impacts children and families.  Youth-Children and Children-Youth and even more on home page "Youth Results" and "Family Togetherness" found at Pick Your Spot.