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Easier to Tell Others Story With Passion

“I'm amazed that you made decision not to cancel the workshop even it's on the day of your wife's big surgery. I'm also amazed how much your wife supports you and your decision in any circumstances. What a faithful wife she is and what a faithful servant of God you are. There are many things we learn from you.  Thank you for not canceling it. 

“It was a life-changing experience in my Bible reading.  There are many things I found out about the passage we used in a workshop.  I knew people in the Bible have feelings and so does God but it was a great reminder of that. 

“This story telling makes reading the Bible very interesting and fun!  I knew in my head that the Word in the Bible is alive but now I can "feel" and understand that in my heart. 

“I think the story telling is useful when I tell the Word of God to others, but also good resources and useful when I read the Bible by myself. I've always believed that I tend to remember more when I wrote down, so this was a bit challenging, but I think picturing in my head helps us remember the story and stay in my heart. Since the word of God speaks to my heart not my head, it would make it easier to tell others story with passion. 

During the workshop, we were divided into 3 tribes. I think start with small group setting was a great idea.  If I have had to do it in front of everybody from the beginning, I would have been a lot more nervous. 

Although I did really bad, my instructor was very very encouraging. Her feedback were mostly positive things, which made me realized that I don't have to be perfect. I can do this because it is not me that leading the story telling but the Holy Spirit leading it. I guess it just require more practice. I hope to continue to use it among the other students with our core members and at the Bible study (with Christians and/or with non-believers.)

International Student in USA

Ministering to Seekers

”My husband and & I continue to teach Bible stories using STS to our international students. 

“Attendance has averaged 43 the past five weeks; 80% of attendees are not yet followers of Christ. The Spirit of God is touching these precious young people from 8 different countries. 

“We are soooo blessed and compelled to pass on the blessings of His word.  Thanks for teaching us.  

”When will you do another seminar in So. CA?  I want to continue to learn to do this method well so I can pass it on to many others.”


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