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Wonderfully, the Lord has brought together an amazing team of volunteers to serve in Simply The Story (STS). The design of running STS through non-paid volunteers follows the precedent set by The God’s Story Project, the parent ministry of STS.

After people attend workshops, they can fine tune their STS storytelling skills by telling stories.  As they assist in added workshops and demonstrate their skills and knowledge of the STS teaching material, they become the valuable——no, the “priceless” people who serve in STS.

Many assist in STS:
  • The workshop hosts.
  • The Oral Bible School students.
  • The donors.
  • Those who help record Bible stories for the audio players.
  • Those who pray.
  • The STS instructors.

All these are God’s gifts to us. These people of vision each play a vital part in STS.  Together they make it possible to teach non-literate and literate lay people, evangelists, pastors and ministry leaders the pure Bible stories and then to teach them how to train others to prepare and share Bible stories the STS way.

The other people who play a part in STS are those who serve STS/TGSP at the California headquarters. The present, fast growth-rate of STS is way beyond our current staff’s ability to keep up with the interest. We have helpful, local folks who come in to help with hand work that is vital to keep us moving forward. The positions that are open (that cannot be outsourced) involve administration, computer entry communication by phone and letter with ministry leaders, art layout skill, shipping, and part-time property maintenance.

We also need someone with administrative and people skills to head up STS workshops. That would involve the data-basing of instructor certification, arranging of workshops, and deployment of instructors. That person could spend 3 to 6 months at the headquarters and then continue to lead from a remote location.

If you want to inquire about serving at our headquarters, feel free to call our office and ask to speak to “Jean.”

If you want to apply, please fill in and send us the Volunteer Query form along with your résumé and a note on why you would like to serve along side our staff.