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Simply The Story Resurrected!

Since we moved to this rather big city, I have been teaching ESL [English as a Second Language] to gals from Egypt, Syria, Yemen, etc. who barely speak any English; therefore I have not been able to use my Storytelling skills. But recently I substituted in the advanced class (who are fluent in English!).

I shared about King Solomon, who settled a dispute between two prostitutes who both had given birth to babies, but one of the babies died. Both women claimed to be the mother of the living child. The king asked for a sword to cut the live baby in half and give one half to each woman (1 Kings 3:16).

Anyway, after telling the story, I was so surprised how enthusiastically the class responded. They recalled many of the details. They participated in sharing observations, they split up in groups to repeat the story to each other, then we had four women volunteers to repeat the entire story in front of class.

There was so much interaction and involvement, that by the time we ended, the story was told eight times! I imagine, afterward they shared with their families or friends! There were 20 ladies, and about half are Muslim. The ladies loved the class. It truly was a home run! But now they think I am a great teacher (which I am not). And they put me on the schedule for the advanced class. I told them, “As long as I can tell stories ... I will do it.” They happily agreed!

Now, I am starting to work on some of my old stories we had practiced in the past training sessions.

STS has truly been resurrected in my life and I am so excited about it.

Immigrants, What an Opportunity!

It works, it really works what you taught us!!!!

“My new Chinese friend, Jill and I just had a 4 hour lunch. I am finding it very effective to do the story telling over food; people don’t run away or fall asleep and there is a natural break when they go for seconds. I asked Jill if she was willing to be my guinea pig because I wanted to tell her a story that I had learned last week in the workshop.

“So I did the prodigal son story, letting her repeat the story, then we went through the observation stage and then personal application. With questions like: Who am I in this story, and where am I going - away from the Father, still feeding the pigs, or on the search to find the way home to the Father. She said she is definitely searching for the Father.

“It was so awesome. I didn’t know how much Bible background she had so we did a quick review of the fall in God’s story. Then we prayed together and she prayed freely herself. I was so thankful that the Chinese restaurant was almost empty by the time we got to the prayer application.

“I am not sure if she understood everything but let me tell you it was so incredible, I cried when I saw her hungry heart and the deep questions she asked. She even said: let’s get back to the story. She said something like “I wonder what will happen to me when I go back to China as a Christian.”

“I realized, I need to learn more how to lead people in a culturally appropriate sinners prayer and of course I want to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit discerning the right timing not to be too pushy but also not to miss the moment.

Pray with me that God would reveal himself to her as she is watching the 80 minute God’s Story video in Chinese.

Until we meet again.

Love Marianne, USA

From a Japanese Immigrant to USA

“Thank you for having STS seminar for us. I was blessed through it even though I joined only half day.

“I'll teach the Bible to children at my church from this fall and I was thinking how I will be able to tell the truth of God and how we live today. The seminar was the perfect timing for me.

”The Bible stories still teaches us human sinful natures and God's greatness today. I will use the method to tell my church children.”