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We hope to provide you with plenty of material to:

  • Help you learn STS.
  • Assist you in sharing the need of incorporating oral strategy
    into conversation and ministry.
  • Encourage you in your daily pursuit of digging into God’s Word.
  • Empower you and those to whom you minister with
    effective Great Commission tools.
  • Excite you about what God is doing around the world with His Word.

Whether written, audio or on DVD, you will see lots of free downloadable resources and a few items for purchase.

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We have numerous resources available.

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Sample Radio Programs

Sample STS Stories

The Martha and Mary story was recorded live in a workshop. See if you can hear any of the responses well enough to join in and answer the questions yourself.

Practitioner Audio Training (PAT) is designed to help people learn to investigate Bible stories through asking questions. The exciting impact of PAT is that you will actually be able to experience the preparation part of Simply the Story. PAT is innovative and different. Below as a gift is one full sample of PAT.

If you want more of these PAT stories, they are available now in English for purchase. PAT on CD | PAT on MegaVoice Players Coming soon in added languages.

PAT Introduction and Instructions: The how to of sample stories, how to find treasures and how to use the PAT. Make sure you follow the instructions!

The introduction and instructions on the use of PAT is essential to the proper use of this innovative way to go through a story.  Listen to introduction and instructions first to get the tools on how to dig into a story. This is a must to know how to proceed.

Sample Conversational Use of STS is a written example of a story.