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Bible Translators

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Youth - Children

Wonderfully Unique Methods and Styles

On the many links to the left you will see a vast array of locations, ministries, methods and styles where Simply the Story (STS) is effectively being used.

The creative ways people use STS actually showcase the versatility of God’s Word. The Lord wrote His message in Scripture for every person in the world. Just as people are uniquely different, so we see the ways God lead people to share Scripture with others to be wonderfully unique.  

Heartwarming testimonies in these pages show the impact of STS on people’s lives. We hope you will be encouraged when you see how powerfully God is using His Word all over the world. Perhaps, as you read these reports, and listen to some of the audio testimonies on Uses & Users as well as on the Pick Your Spot testimonies on the home page, you will become inspired to learn STS for yourself.

You may already have gained the STS skills from a workshop or Practitioner Audio Training. Some of the testimonies and ideas in these articles may give you added ideas of how to use your STS skills.