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Workshops: Attendees and Goals

Throughout the world our Simply the Story workshops introduce attendees to the need for oral strategies. We also demonstrate some Bible stories told STS style, which always include interactive discussion and discovery.

Through illustrations, we slowly hand off the information and skills of:
  • How to easily learn a story.
  • Finding spiritual treasures within a story.
  • How to form questions that will help the attendees pass on their discoveries to those to whom they tell Bible stories.

Workshop attendees learn all phases of STS through hands-on experience. More detailed workshop information:

In workshops we mix attendees. We love training:
  • Both new and seasoned believers of all ages.
  • People who are from diverse cultures, jobs and ministries.
  • People from different educational and socioeconomic backgrounds.

In all of our workshops we demonstrate how centering on a Bible story levels the playing field of discovery and promotes equality and acceptance among the learners.

As much as possible we gather a variety of learners. These attendees discover how studying Bible stories as we do in STS allows the Holy Spirit to speak to a wide range of people at the same time, all out of the same story.

Our Workshop Description flyer offers more details on what takes place in the workshop:
  • The content.
  • The length of training.
  • The method of training trainers.
  • The outcomes.