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"This will enrich my devotional life, because it adds all of these layers of complexity that when you take a seven or eight or nine verse passage–on the surface, that’s all it is.

But every person has a story, and every story has a history, and so the layers have added depth."

On Eric's second day of a Simply The Story (STS) workshop, he rather seriously approached an instructor. “Can I ask you just one question?”

“Sure,” replied the instructor. Eric’s question actually revealed the heart of STS.

Eric asked, “How can what you teach in STS not change your devotional life forever?"

The instructor’s response? “It has!”

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Deeper Devotions

"...deeper understanding of the Word of God."




Don’t Forget! [Report as it came to us from Philippines]

“Most of the STS workshop attendees came to me and tell me about their devotional time. They said that they have more deeper understanding of the word of God, they said that before they was read Bible they don't have joy because they were hardly to understand only they new that this is Godly thing.

“but even my self I am happy doing my devotion together with my family because they were excited to listen the story hoping what is the treasure that God prepared for them.  my 10 years son is always telling me ‘Don't forget our devotional time. Amazing!!’”  
Philippine National, Negros


Over 100 Verses!

“When asked if participants had difficulty memorizing the Word, I raised my hand. ‘That'd be me! I struggle.’ A counselor once explained my difficulty in speaking my thoughts and remembering things as , ‘You are like a big engine with too small of a transmission.’

“At the end of the five day training, I counted up the number of verses I remembered, ones now in my heart pocket--over 100!

”And, perhaps more significant, was my comment to friends days following the training—‘Had I been given this tool when a younger believer, I would be a much wiser believer now.’

”Personally, my time in the Word has been powerful since taking the training. Oh, so much more in depth than for years. When I read the beginning of Matthew last Dec 25, I could actually say, "Hey, I know who that guy is ... and that one ... and that one, too!" Even doing a topical study, such as on prayer & fasting, has greater depth and meaning, impacting my daily thoughts.”  
[From someone working long in missions, and serving now in a closed country.]

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