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One African Bishop trained in STS oversees 40 churches. This Bishop changed his focus after his first STS workshop experience. “I immediately arranged for some of my key leaders to attend a training, so my leaders could learn how to remember Scripture and to dig for themselves.

“I used to concentrating on how many churches I could plant, but now with this tool, we found an effective way to help our leaders mature. Myself, I have committed to going anywhere, any time, to be part of the STS instructing staff. In my first year I helped lead eight workshops in three countries.

We are already seeing spiritual growth in our leaders and in those I have helped train elsewhere. Now the multiplication of believers and new churches is coming from through them.


Fruit That Multiplies

Africans Train Non-Africans to Do Inductive Bible Study, Oral Style!

Three Africans and one US worker (the least trained in STS of the four) led a Simply The Story workshop. The workshop was done in French in a North African country. As a result, one of the non-African attendees, whose organization sends people to N. Africa, wrote our headquarters. The letter asked if we could send a team to a neutral place to train ALL of their workers!!!!!

None of these African instructors had been trained by headquarters’ STS instructors. In fact, we have never even met these African instructors! In a little over a year from the time the Africans were trained, this third-tier replication training took place. All who led this successful workshop had been trained either by African & American combined teams of instructors or by all African teams of STS instructors!

By Bus, By Foot, The Word Goes Out and Multiplies

A dedicated lady active in missions attended an STS workshop, then served as an STS provisional instructor in USA and SE Asia workshops. Within that year, she was able to lead workshops on her own. She trained Mary (whose testimony is below) and now two years from the missions lady’s first exposure to STS, the evidence of spontaneous multiplication is astounding.

Mary R. (Mary has a doctorate of Theology and is president of a Bible College in a SE Asia country}

“By the grace of God and your prayer, I could teach back to my people the precious methods of STS that which I learned from mom XX. Now in my area, 45 churches use the STS methods in teaching the children and the women. They are encouraged and learn new things and can dig the treasure as it is….We went to the C. Hills and did vacation Bible school in summer time. We the teachers taught the Adults with the STS method. We went by bus and by foot.

“For another leader’s training I first taught 20 facilitators who will help me in the next STS training. After that I taught 75 people group. They all are Sunday School teachers and they love the Lord and so excited and learnt now things from STS…..I went to C. State and taught again Sunday School teachers there.

“From my hometown I went by bus and then after that I walked by mountain trail. It took me 4 hours. Though I was tired, when I saw the people who were wiling and eager to learn and have the desire, my tiredness gone. You know the trainee or attendees walked 20 miles, some of the 15 miles so compare to me nothing at all. I was so thrill and see that they are able to use it. They are now all using STS in their own churches.

“I also have weekly Bible study with Bible student’s girls group. I use this STS method of learning God's words. They appreciate and testify that they are ready to share and teach God's words because they know the stories already and it enables them to prepare not only for themselves but also to other people.

“Therefore this method is simple, deeper and clearer for our people. Whatever we learnt from you we teach back to our people. We are trying and doing our best to seek and dig treasure as much as we can.”

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