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As a starter, I just wanted to say that the transformation center that we’re talking about is a ministry that we set up.

It’s a place in the heart of the city, a big warehouse where we try to minister to children and  teenagers and young people–and most of them coming from hard backgrounds, broken families–and they may not have contact with the church or anything like that or anything spiritual and no spiritual input in their lives.

And we just have it as a talking; they come in, and they have fun from different games: pool, basketball, football, badminton, tennis table and also fun activities like that.

But we always try to give them something spiritual.

So we have been struggling with that, because obviously these kids are not Sunday School kids. They don’t sit and let you tell them about Jesus.

So STS came in very handy because, after we have done the training as leaders, we have decided to use that in our approach to young people.

And I have to say, that whenever we started doing stories; and they have been so receptive because it’s all about getting them involved and especially when it comes to the part of retelling the story, and they’re very much eager to retell the story. So that has been a very useful experience.

And we are planning to build on that ministry.

And so we’re very much encouraged that that is one way of reaching these teenagers that otherwise wouldn’t even consider sitting down and listening to anything Christian. So the stories are good for that.

Obviously we use the same approach in dealing with them individually...

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Outreach Impact

Eighty-Eight Years Old!
Eighty-Eight Years Old!
“One team went and witnessed to one old man (88 years) and he came to the Lord, this happened during the outreach ministry at every evening of the workshop.

“Asking for Spiritual Help”
In Kenya, after an initial trip to speak at a several public schools, more invitations followed. The first time the instructors had told a Bible story and interacted with the whole student body, about 900 students in each of two schools. Amazingly, the principle encouraged the instructors to invite students to come forward and pray to receive Jesus.

The strong engagement of the students observed by the principals prompted the return invitations. After more visits, and more stories were told, and the students took part in discussion, the interest grew.  

Some students began meeting during the week and learning and practicing stories themselves. The most unruly of students began to change their behavior.

One of the instructors showed some of the USA staff a pile of letters, well maybe you would call them “notes.” Not letters. Hundreds of these notes written by these middle school students had been given to our Africa instructors.

This African stated, “These boys and girls want biblical advice on many different personal and family issues. Due to us sending instructors once a week to these schools and telling Bible stories to them, they trust us. Now they are asking for spiritual help to solve their problems.”

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