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Click on the speaker icon to the left or use the on-screen player below the speaker icon to hear a word from Bryan, an STS Certified Instructor.

Bryan offers great interviews on a wide variety of story ministries in his story4all pod cast and he leads STS workshops around the world, including in his own country of Ireland. A church that hosted an STS workshop led by Bryan, had organized outreaches to the hardened youth of Lisburn.

But even bringing in movies, good speakers and sports celebrities had not penetrated the tough teenagers. The teenagers would come for the games and snacks, but walked out for a smoke each time the “religious” 10 minutes started.

So the church's senior pastor said, “Let’s try the stories.” Although some of the leaders were skeptical, they tried it. The first time, when the religious part started, the kids got up to leave, but when the story started, they stopped, listened and joined the discussion, which went on for 20 minutes!

By the fourth week, at the beginning of the gathering, the youth asked, “So when are we gonna do the story?”

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Youth Results

Telling the Stories to Their Families!

Six people from Costa Mesa Calvary Chapel attended our CA, USA workshop. They began using STS immediately in outreaches to children in secular schools.

Judy teaches children in weekly release-time for children in secular schools. They have 45 minutes at lunch time to: walk the children across the street to a mobile classroom that they trailer to the school, feed the kids, teach them and return them to school!

Judy shared, "I tried telling a story and asking questions STS style and it worked! For the first time, we can cover the whole lesson in the 20 minutes that is actually all the teaching time we end up having. But also, now the children are engaging more and they have been going home and telling the stories to their families!

Hands Shot in the Air
A vivacious lady with 40 years experience in teaching children told us, "I decided to give it a try in our after-school Bible club that we do 2 1/2 hours once a week. These 4th graders come mostly from dysfunctional low-income families that are illiterate and bi-lingual.

“After using STS a month, I asked my students if anyone could tell me the story we learned together four weeks previously. I was in shock as nearly all of the hands shot in the air; all the children wanted to tell me the story of Jesus as a Boy. One told the story, and as well they all told the personal applications that had previously been discovered. Afterwards, they told the three other week's stories.

“What really blessed me in using STS with the children was when I saw the Holy Spirit teach the children through a story. We talked about Mary's last recorded words in the Bible when Jesus turned the water into wine. I asked the children ‘If today Mary said those words to you, “'Whatever He tells you to do, do it,” what would you do?’

“They discussed this awhile and decided the words of Jesus are the most important for them to follow, so they didn't need to pray to Mary any more."

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