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"Because of the many churches that are now having Bible study sessions, which is the discipleship plans of these churches … on Wednesday nights, on Friday nights …

"A lot of the pastors are saying, 'We have to train more and more of our pastors and evangelists and church planters in this process of Simply The Story.

"They say, ‘STS is catching on and spreading out like a bush fire … all across the continent.'"



"A Defining Moment In Our Continent"

“Our East Africa Director of The God's Story Project, and many Africans describe something that is fast moving and can’t be stopped as a ‘bush fire.’

We, as a staff of three from USA, and seven from Africa, led back-to-back workshops in Africa. Selecting words to share that 17-day trip to Africa presents a challenge. How does one describe a handshake with a man who looks earnestly into your eyes as he says, ‘You don’t know how much this training means to me?’ The grip lingers on … as if holding on to my hand longer will prove the depth of gratitude.

“Days later, emails from Africa began arriving. ‘You have shared us blessings (Storytelling) you received from our Holy Father. I wish you the age of Methuselah! I have started telling story. Everyone found it fascinating.’ [Ethiopia]

“’... Am very excited about what the Lord is doing through the storytelling strategies. It is a defining moment in our continent in many ways.’ [Kenya]

"’....i just returned home from a church that I was preaching. It was in a village and when they hear of a guest speaker even the villagers that don’t normally attend shows up. i gave the story of the man with shriveled hand and involved the congregation.14 got saved and I prayed for the leadership they said that they saw themselves like Pharisees. Thanks for exposing me to orality.’" [Uganda]

“Long after those workshops were held, letters still come to us. Leaders trained in the two workshops are now training others. After a workshop they just led in another country, some attendees they taught asked, “Where have you been all this time? We should have known this before. We would have done a lot. We are reaching the Mus.lims. Most XXX people are Mus.lims and this will be very instrumental.’“
D.M. CA, USA Headquarters

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Disciple Them With Stories

“When I learnt STS, it helped me a lot in my ministry. Many times, I could not share God's word to non-Christians because they never heard it and they didn't want to believe and didn't want to trust God.

“When I asked them if I could tell them a story they said yes and were very interested. They asked me to come back the next day and tell them another story. Then they said to me " ’I didn't know your God was like that, tell me more about Him’"

“I have led many to the Lord now through STS style Bible Stories and now I have a church and disciple them with the stories.”
Amos, a national missionary and pastor in a SE Asia country.

Team Takes Thailand

Four people who learned STS in USA spent two wild weeks in Thailand running from one place to the next to train in cities and villages. Larry Dinkins who spent 20 years as a missionary in Thailand and 3 Thai leaders made up the team.

Larry wrote, "When we shared in a church in Bangkok, a 22 year old engineering student named “Juey” asked where I was teaching next. I told him we’d be in Phayao (12 hour bus ride away). Juey said, “I don’t care where it is, I want to tag along with you and learn this method!”

“Juey finished a final exam, got on a night bus and met me at Phayao. He slept in the same room with me for three nights and I had him do stories for the Bible College students as well as at a orphanage.

“I know storytelling is powerful, because in my 20 years in Thailand I never had anyone show such interest in being discipled in one of my teaching methods.

"Amazingly I got a similar reaction at Dallas Theological Seminary. After my workshop on orality some students asked if they could have an extra session to learn more of how it is done.

“I was also told that two DTS students decided to change their majors after my orality workshop which I gave last year at the seminary. This kind of response has encouraged me to start a class here at the US Center for World Missions as well."
Larry CA, USA

Discipleship in Retirement Homes

Pat, who ministers in retirement homes, reported, "We did four weeks in the book of Jonah. Even those with Alzheimer's remembered the stories each week and participated in the discussion. They all love this way of learning Bible."

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