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Andowan serves as STS staff all over the world. When instructors train in emerging nations, they expect to be training people who cannot read. But it continues to sober us all when we discover face to face those in developed nations who appear to be educated but who simply never learned to read!  
This thrilling occurrence is the repeated again and again. Attendees approach us and confess that they cannot read, but then they say, “This I can do!”
It is a never-forgotten experience to see the light in those people’s eyes that comes when they realize that there is a way for them as non-literates:

  • To learn Bible stories AND to remember them.
  • AND to deeply investigate and understand the spiritual content of the Bible.
  • AND to be able to form questions and to remember their questions.
  • AND to be able to effectively teach literate and non-literate learners.

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God Even Loves People Like Me
In a village in Nepal where many people, both pastors and villagers gathered in a two days of STS Bible teaching something special happened. They all discussed their second of two stories about Moses when God provided water from a rock. Suddenly they saw how Moses revealed a change of heart, one now of pride and self sufficiency when he said, "Must we bring you water from the rock you rebels?"

One leading pastor confessed, "We have been holding ourselves up as the source of all information and truth like we were above the people. We have become proud leaders. Why don't I repent now?" Then other pastors said the same. The training stopped while repentance took place.

At the end of two days of this STS discussion style of Bible study an elderly lady, a leader [55 is elderly in Nepal] stood up. "I know now that God even loves people like me who cannot read. Since I have been a believer I have had to wait for pastors to tell me what God says so I could tell others about God. I did not know that God would speak directly to me out of his Word."
As told to us by Instructor

Over 100 Years Old
“Two old ladies in Ethiopia would not be left of a workshop we did there. One is above 100 years old. It was amazing as she retold the story of Abram in Egypt. Though she could not remember the names of places, she told the stories with such accuracy.

"She said, 'I did not go to school any time of my life. I knew Jesus loves me, but I did not know how to tell others about him. Thank you preacher for showing us about stories. Now I will tell others His stories before I die."'            

"As they received players, they had this to say. ‘Women in our community are not educated, especially those old like us. Men just marry our girls and they don’t want to educate them.

“'We talk about many things as women in the markets and at home when we meet. Now that we can hear God speak to us in our language, we will be telling His story. In fact we have already started telling the stories to our families before even the preacher goes back to his homeland. This ‘radio’ speaks to me the word of God. It is God speaking to me and to us.'"

“’We will tell the stories of Jesus. Please come many times and teach us more stories.’”

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