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Bryan Thompson has led STS workshops in multiple countries, both developed and undeveloped. He has long focused on the training of men as leaders as well as encouraging men to be the spiritual leaders in their homes.

His ongoing efforts help men grab the value of the stories of Bible is seen in the phrase he coined years ago, “Truth That Sticks.” His pod casting site, story4all, won the Christian New Media Award for 2010 for "Best Use of New Media for a Christian Project"!

Bryan wrote, “We are humbled and thrilled that the podcast and website ministry have been recognised in this way. We trust that it will be an opportune focus on the need to make disciples of oral learners. Go check out the wee award sticker on the site!”


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Building Men

Even a Missionary
"Another American man, going to a remote indigenous people with his wife, said that he had always struggled with sharing his faith, but that now he felt impelled forward and equipped for the task of his calling."
Testimony of workshop attendee in Panama 

[Worldwide we see thousand of positive responses to STS training just like this man shared—people who are in ministry, yet who felt ill-equipped to share their faith.]

Guess What?
An attendee to a USA workshop was originally from Thailand. He called the TGSP office a week after his first workshop. "Guess what? I told a story Saturday at our men's Bible study. They loved it! When we discussed the questions, I stayed in the story like we did in the workshop, and we learned more out of that one story than we ever knew was in there."

[This Thai layman continued to use the STS style to teach his men’s class. After awhile, he grew in confidence to the point of training for the pastorate and becoming ordained. He now leads a church that wraps its training style around the Simply The Story way of preparing and sharing scripture. As well, this now confident pastor leads mission trips to Thailand.]

New Found Skills and Results (3 reports)
“Before I was afraid to tell them but now I have confident because they are not listening to me they are listening to the story so I am not worried about my self.”

“Most of the attendees are telling me that in moment they attended this seminar they togetherness Bibles studies with joy while discussing the story is more different done they learned before (the old method of Bible study only the teacher will speak)”

“Even my real testimony because of this biblical system I apply to my own family not just my wife and my child but to my parents and my brother and my sisters they are happy listening to the story.”