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“One of our pastors, Pastor Zachary, attended the training of Simply the Story. He went back to his church–his church they had just 20 peopleand he started to share the story, to teach using Simply the Story.

“And the people got excited. In fact, when I visited, people said, ‘What did you do with our pastor?’

“I said, ‘Why?’

“They said, ‘Well, he is different. He’s–he’s teaching. And he’s helping us too. And–and leading us to discover from the Word of God.’

“I said, ‘That’s exciting, isn’t it?’

“They said, ‘Yes, we love it. And now can we go and share these stories with our people?’

“So, I said, ‘Of course.’

“And they went out and started sharing the stories starting with the same process as Simply the Story. The church began to grow and the number began to double up. And not only that, the people that are in church they’re getting-they’re becoming healthy believers because they are feeding on the Word of God more than ever before.”

“In Kenya alone there is a team of 30 lay people, evangelists, pastors and Bishops, who, as volunteers serve as STS Instructors. These leaders also oversee seven oral Bible schools in Kenya.

This report is just one of thousands of reports from pastors who are seeing a marked increase in church attendance and in the growth of their members.

Throughout Africa the same increases are being seen.

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Increased Ministry Effectiveness


Adult Sunday School

“By the way, the response to my STS style teaching in our Adult Community has been overwhelmingly positive.  Perhaps I am not doing it correctly…just kidding!  They love the interaction and are frustrated that the time goes too fast.

Last week I was asked to do a fill in for another class. I told them that I was already ‘booked,’ but also told them what I was doing and asked if they would consider joining us. They were open to it and the response from the combined group was also very enthusiastic. When I asked how many might be interested in learning this method if it was made available, quite a few hands went up.

One of the other main teachers in church also sat in and stopped me in the hall between services to ask specifically about the STS training.  Very positive indeed…

I am meeting with the senior pastor of the church my Hispanic Director attends this Thursday afternoon. I think they could be the door opener to this area…we will see.

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