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Click on the speaker icon to the left or use the on-screen player below the speaker icon to hear a word from Mona, a mission minded Christian who uses STS.

Mona attended one workshop with her friend Betsy and became sold on the value of STS. Assisting in workshops in four more USA states, plus using stories in her TX USA community, brought her to certification.

In just over one year, Mona twice traveled to the Dominican Republic on her church’s short-term mission trips. While the men built, Mona and the other storytellers told Bible stories. As well, she co-hosted a workshop in her own church.

God is using one housewife, who turned herself and her time over to deliver God’s Word, to impact hundreds, hundreds who in turn are impacting thousands. From there, who knows how many more will be reached?

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Mountain-Top Mission Trips


Who Would Have Thought?

A very quiet lady came to our California STS who is the wife of the mission team leader at her church. She came to learn about STS for others.

"I am not an up front kind of person." 

Her husband led the church team in Malawi.
After the trip, she wrote....

"We used the God's Story solar players to fill in when we had a crowd and the translators were late. So many gathered that we started using a second player to make another group, and then another. What a good outreach. So attentive.

"We used STS stories of -Martha and Mary, Good Samaritan, Jars of Oil and Jarius’ daughter. We did skits for the Good Samaritan and Jars of Oil. It’s easy to adjust our storytelling times to the location-inside a small church or under the trees."

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