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Andowan inspires and makes us all laugh. You can hear her enthusiasm in this recorded report. At first in STS, we trained people to prepare and share Bible stories how to teach others using discussion. We trained people worldwide to use STS stories for evangelism and discipleship. But Andowan took the use of STS to a whole new level!  

One day she listened to a clerk in food market tell about her two boys and her financial woes. Andowan also listened to the leading of the Lord. She told the clerk, “That reminds me of a story. If you will close your checkout line, I will tell it to you.”

The clerk said “OK,” and closed her counter. Andowan told the story of Elisha, the Widow who almost lost her sons to creditors and Gods’ multiplication of oil into jars. The clerk listened and began wiping away tears. ‘I needed to know that God cared for me.’

Since that first short STS, we have developed 5-minute conversational STS for use in the “marketplace of life!”

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Personal Evangelism Made Easy

From Cities in Developed Nations to the Tents of Nomads,
Stories Speak to Hearts!

Sally is an ace workshop instructor, but shy about sharing her faith outside of the trainings or church settings. But … finally, in one day, Sally went to not one, but TWO Starbucks, and told 5-minute Bible stories, Simply The Story style.

The first try was a young man who had to take out his ear buds and stop listening to his music to hear a story told by a 70-year old, retired, school teacher. (Humm? Never underestimate the power of an innocent looking little grey head!)

They discussed the story of Zacchaeus, the part mostly about how Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus and when the crowd got in his way and how he didn't give up and he didn't let public opinion get in his way.

The young man noted that Zacchaeus risked ridicule by climbing a tree just to get to see Jesus.

At the end of this 5-minute Bible discussion, the young man thanked Sally. "I was getting discouraged and wanting to give up. This helped."

At the next Starbucks, the second story Sally told was to two ladies. She found out during the discussion that the two ladies were Muslims from Iran! Again the discussion was good and Sally gave a sweet parting comment about seeking Jesus.

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