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Everyone Loves Good Stories;

Stories From and About God Are The Best Stories

Just as we love hearing stories told in person, so, too, a story heard on the radio or on a pod cast can be good for listening.

On some of the story4all podcasts, users of STS from all over the world give amazing testimonies. Several people even tell Bible stories live and shock the interviewer by asking him questions about the story!

As well, we have aired Bible stories told STS style in four countries. Below are several different styles of presenting Bible stories on radio broadcast:

  • Recorded Live. Some stations aired stories that were recorded live in workshops or ministry situations.
  • Studio Broadcast. Some stations open their studios and air weekly programs. The storyteller tells a story to a few invited participants who learn the story and discuss it STS style.
  • One-Person. Some stations aired a unique one-person STS. This style is most useful when there are very few people in a language group who are believers. Only one person, one who is skilled in STS, is needed to record these STS interactive-radio programs. The storyteller asks questions of the listening audience and pauses to allow the listeners to engage. The skill of filling the pauses with “meaningless chatter” avoids the dead air situation, yet invites the listener’s involvement. People gather around and listen, then, during the pauses the radio listeners often speak their answers out loud to the radio.

The popularity of the STS programs aired, shows the strong usefulness of this format of Scripture delivery.

We developed a sample of the one-person STS radio program. At an STS workshop, we presented the sample to a continent leader of one of the major Christian radio broadcasting ministries for examination.

This executive took the CD to his hotel and gave us this evaluation the next day. “This is cutting edge. There is nothing better than interactive radio.” We, of course, were thrilled with those statements.

There was an offer made then to air a series of stories recorded this way, but we have not yet responded to the offer! We simply do not have staff to spearhead and oversee this project. So we pray for a qualified person(s) to take charge of this potentially massive evangelism and discipleship outreach.

Samples in English of each of these styles are here:

  • Story recorded in a studio for airing. (Coming soon)

Look for posting of radio stories in languages other than English

Do contact us if you want more details on radio programming, if you want to support some of the broadcasts or if you want to help oversee this “department” of STS just waiting to happen.

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