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Telling Again and Again

“I am finding myself telling John 20 again and again. Told it to a ten year-old boy on the porch yesterday, a boy who delights in Christ.

“Told it to a 17 year-old who's mixed up in identity-defacing sin a couple weeks ago.

“Told it to a man my age who was headed to California on the lower level of a train passing through Western Colorado three weeks ago after he told me "I believe things I can see and touch".

“As you know, told it in youth a month ago.”

Three Hundred Raised Their Hands!

“School Impact Kenya: Before heading home the headmaster of a local public middle school asked our African leader to come to his school to "do something evangelistic."

“He told the whole story of the Prodigal Son, then followed the STS style of asking lots of questions about the story. Amazingly the student body of 900 became engaged and enthusiastically answered questions.

“At first, the children considered the elder brother in the story to be the hero. But in time the children discovered the elder brother's pride and disrespect of the father and the younger brother's humility.

“During the discussion they observed, and then offered, "The younger brother confessed his sin to his dad and to God. We want to be like him!

“After discussion of the story's contents was done, the children offered many personal applications that they saw. Our leader then asked, "Do any of you want to come to God and admit your pride and ask Jesus to be your Savior?' Three hundred children raised their hands and prayed to be saved!”
TGSP, Kenya

"About 300 Children Prayed for Salvation!”

On the journey home one of the other instructors, who had also been invited to preach at a local Kenyan school, reported, “I told a story and about 300 children prayed for salvation!”
Richard, Kenya

Bold Move Pays Dividends

In a country in Africa, among a people who have grown up only knowing one religion so they are listed among the “least reached” people. They look to the prophets, but do not know Isa (Jesus) in a personal way, as their Savior. A young pastor of this people had a following of a few believers and had been praying for a way to disciple those who do believe and to evangelize others.

We had tried three times to run a workshop in this country, but each time something went wrong. Actually the third time we pushed through and although the lead instructor could not come because of an accident, another gifted instructor took his place.   

This pastor told on me on the phone, “When I went to that workshop, it was my answer to prayer. That was five months ago. I went to one more workshop in another country and now I am able to train others. There are now 40 believers in my church. I have been teaching stories to ten of them. They are up to 40 stories!  

“Last week I spoke to 700 young people and told a story.  Over 100 accepted Jesus!”  

I asked him twice thinking maybe because of his accent, I was not hearing correctly.  He said. “Yes. More than one, zero, zero, prayed and asked Jesus to be their Savior.”

He kept thanking me for the tool of STS, but I kept thanking him for stepping out in faith, and for sure thanking God for the power of His world to reach in the hardest places and be sharper than a two-edged sword.  

Please pray for this man “A” as he is bold in the Lord and has the vision for his sea of people to be saved.  

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