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Larry Dinkins served 22 years in Thailand

and is with OMF International.

Dr. Larry and Paula Dinkins came to Christ through Campus Crusade at the University of Oklahoma. Upon graduation Paula proceeded to staff with CCC, while Larry started his ThM program at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS.) After their marriage in 1978, they were accepted to OMF International for ministry in Thailand. In 1981 they started their church planting ministry with leprosy patients in Central Thailand.

In 1987 they transitioned into a Bible teaching ministry at the Bangkok Bible College and Seminary where Larry served as Academic Dean and Dean of the Seminary. In 1995 he finished class work for a PhD at BIOLA University which allowed them to move to North Thailand to start a TEE program.

Larry acted as director of the newly formed Chiang Mai Theological Seminary in 2000 before the family evacuated Thailand in 2002 due to a diagnosis of cancer in Paula's bone marrow. The treatment for Paula's cancer has been successful and she is in remission. As a result Larry and Paula have been acting as mobilizers and recruiters for OMF in Southern California as well as the Midwest.

Larry and Paula are involved in a number of Thai churches in the Los Angeles area. Larry teaches seminars on Walk Thru the Bible, Perspectives, prayer counseling as well as Buddhism. Larry now travels world wide to lead STS workshops.

Larry has authored two mission books as well as a number of magazine and journal articles. Paula has been active in various prayer ministries (such as Moms in Touch International) and mentoring new missionaries. They have four grown children: Andy, Tim, Amber and Titus.

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