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STS-What & Why:

__STS Video:

What is STS?

Results of STS

Need for STS

Design of STS

Impact of STS

Origin of STS

Spread of STS


We invite you to three minutes of seeing and hearing

What STS is about and Why it is needed.



Whether you gain STS skills for yourself so you can:

  • More deeply gather the riches of Scripture.
  • More easily remember Scripture.
  • Increase your ability to comfortably and effectively witness.
  • Teach and disciple with an added way to help people understand.
  • Help those to whom you minister remember what they are taught.
  • Lead or be part of a short-term mission team that makes lasting impact.

Take hold of this opportunity to

add STS to your bag of tools.

Look for workshop locations where you might attend, consider hosting a workshop, check our resources including the DVD on this page, STS-What & Why.  Show it at your church or Christian group. Ask God to stir hearts to learn this practical way to do inductive Bible study oral style.