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STS-What & Why:

What is STS?

Results of STS

Need for STS

Design of STS

Impact of STS

Origin of STS

Spread of STS

To best investigate the wide range of organizations that train others in the use of story to reach oral communicators, we recommend these two resources.

story4all is a pod cast that makes available hundreds of interviews of those who use story. Story practitioners and leaders of story organizations all discuss their visions and ways of training, as well as what is being accomplished through their efforts.
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The International Orality Network (ION) serves as the leader in the field of information dissemination and promotion of oral strategy. The people who lead the various departments of ION largely are volunteers who also belong to a wide range of mission organizations such as Wycliffe, Campus Crusade, Trans World Radio, Faith Comes By Hearing, Navigators, IMB, YWAM , Scriptures In Use, E3Partners, Global Recordings, SIL, OneStory and The God’s Story Project.  

Some of the major training organizations submitted information about themselves which was entered into a matrix.  Although there are many more organizations involved in training others to tell Bible stories, the contents of this matrix will give an idea of the activities and diversity of systems and distinctives in the world of telling Bible stories.