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Simply The Story Impact in Kenya


It was evident that:

  • People loved Simply the Story.
  • People learned more deeply from the Bible than ever before.
  • People could easily remember the Word of God.
  • People's lives were changing.
  • People were doing lots of church planting.

But we did not tell you this:

  • Half of those interviewed (who are learning more deeply from the Bible) are evangelists, pastors and a bishop who oversees 40 churches and the other…
  • Half interviewed are students in the STS Oral Bible Schools, many of whom CANNOT READ!

God's Word delivered through STS

is affecting lives, literate and non-literate alike!

Due to the impact of Simply The Story on the lives of non-literates, we began the pursuit of establishing STS Oral Bible Schools (STS-OBS) by running tests in four countries. We gave leaders there the general guidelines of what we wanted to set up. The four schools were all unique within the proposed framework we gave these leaders.  From all that we learned, we settled on a more set design that is now being used, or set up, in seven countries.   

Attendees to four of the seven schools launched in Kenya were the sources of those interviewed in this video.

With the current schedule our leaders have designed, the STS Oral Bible School students learn an average of ten new Bible stories a week. Not only that, the students can tell the stories and teach them discussion style. Most wonderfully they mature spiritually and their desire and ability to evangelize and disciple rise immensely.  

More details are available on STS-OBS.