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Simply The Story–Oral Bible Schools

Audio Interviews of STS Senior Instructors

Bryan Thompson, founder of story4all, interviews Simply The Story's International Director.

Click here Andrea, the International Director of The God’s Story Project, gives report of STS-Oral Bible Schools in Kenya and India.

At the time of the interview, Andrea had just returned from a two-country, fact-finding trip. She led STS teams, which included outside observers, who listened to stories and conversed with those impacted by STS. They documented findings from STS Oral Bible school students and graduates, as well as gathered testimonies from villagers and ministry leaders who have been impacted by STS. Some of those interviewed have become certified STS Instructors.

One good question Bryan asks Andrea is about how much staff is needed to lead these Oral Bible Schools. She did not elaborate on her response of “one STS instructor is needed.” So let us do so here. To begin an STS-OBS, a Certified STS Instructor leads a standard 5-day STS workshop and then stays on an extra week to make sure the concepts the students learned are totally understood. After that, the school is self lead by the students, many of whom are pastors and evangelists.

Then, on an average, once every four weeks that the school is in session, the STS instructor goes back to the school location and stays with the students a few days to encourage and assist as needed.