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Internet Stories About STS



  • He Learned it from the Net!  Click Here.

    Bryan talks to Daniel Ozoko from Nigeria. This is a remarkable young man who is a pastor and mission agency leader. He went on the Internet and read the Simply the Story handbook on how to use storytelling with discussion to reach and make disciples of the lost. First he taught himself and then he taught others! Hear his exciting story on this week's podcast!
  • Egyptians Love Stories  Click Here.

    Raafat, an Egyptian Christian leader and host to the recent Simply the Story (STS) workshop trainings in his nation, gives his thoughts about storytelling and his belief in the power of Bible story for evangelism and discipleship in the Arab World.

  • Stories From Around the Globe  Click Here.

    Andrea of Simply the Story tells Bryan some great reports about STS and The God's Story Project. She tells of some cool things Jesus is doing round the globe through Bible storytelling, as well as shares some exciting times when she told Bible stories recently in varied contexts and situations.